Asian flush the Truth behind what is going on.

Asian flush!

We have all been there!  Well, if you are like me and lack the enzyme ALDH2 thanks to a genetic mutation.  

Hello, my name is Dr. Tri Tran!  I am Asian American and I have a condition typically referred to as alcohol flush.  One drink and I get insanely red.  My temperature starts to rise and I I start to get tired.

All from one drink.

In social settings, this was devastating.  One drink and people would stare at me for all the wrong reasons.

As a pharmacist I was used to giving people recommendations on how to cure their own conditions, and decided to tackle this condition.

Why was I getting red?  Was I allergic to Alcohol? Was I just weak?  Not able to handle my alcohol? 

I set out and did research to see what was going on with my condition and found that I was not alone with this medical condition.  There were many others with this.  In fact about a 1/3 of asian's suffer from what is called alcohol flush or asian glow.  Something to note is that this condition is not limited to asians, anyone can get it.  It is just genetically we are more predisposed to alcoholic flush.

So what is going on.

We drink alcohol (ETOH) and it is broken down into your body to a byproduct, acetylaldehyde by an enzyme ALDH.  This is what is the culprit for all of your bad experiences with alcohol.  Acetylaldehyde has been shown in studies to be a factor in hangovers, headaches, nausea, lethargy, and of course alcohol flush.

Acetylaldehyde in itself is extremely toxic and once your body makes it, another enzyme steps in, ALDH2.  ALDH2 then metabolizes the toxic acetylaldehyde to a nontoxic product acetate.  

This is where genetics play a huge role.  Many of use are genetically predisopsed to NOT have the gene that makes the enzyme ALDH2.  No enzyme.  No metabolism of acetylaldehyde and thus you get a build up of this toxin in your body.

Something to note is that the more you drink the more your body can't keep up with the metabolism of the acetylaldehyde as well.  That is why hangovers occur with excessive drinking.

So I do not have the enzyme to process alcohol correctly.  I get a build up of acetylaldehyde to toxic levels and this my body tries to get rid of this toxin in another way.

Cue the alcohol flush!

Alcohol flush (asian glow) is actually your bodies way to rid your body of the toxic acetylaldehyde.  When there is a build up of acetylaldehyde, your blood vessels dilate to allow the acetylaldehyde to be sent out of your body quicker.  However, this dilation causes the appearance on your skin to turn red or flushed.

The dilation of your blood vessels is caused by your body releasing histamines.  Yes the same histamine released when you come into contact with poison ivy, change to a cheap detergent, or are allergic to work.

The bottom line.  The toxic byproduct acetylaldehye is what is causing the flush and to remedy this, you have to get rid of the acetylaldehyde in your body.


Our all natural blend uses a synergystic formulation with correct dosing of ingredients to help your body metabolize acetylaldehyde.  Thus decreasing the alcoholic flush, hangover, and other negative effects of alcohol.


With this new product I formulated, I can go out and have a drink without suffering from the alcoholic flush I used to.


Please feel free to contact my anytime at if you have any questions about our product!

Dr. Tri Tran Pharm.D

Co-founder Dose+Remedy