A dose of immunity Individual Packs
A dose of immunity Individual Packs
A dose of immunity Individual Packs
A dose of immunity Individual Packs
A dose of immunity Individual Packs
A dose of immunity Individual Packs
A dose of immunity Individual Packs
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    A dose of immunity Individual Packs

    Take your immunity on the GO! Now in convenient Travel Packets 

    • 14 pack (28 capsules)
    • 28 pack (56 capsules)
    • 84 pack (128 capsules)

    Increase your defenses from within. This bottle contains a powerful blend of nutraceutical herbal supplements formulated to optimize your body’s immune system. Using the immune system as a line of defense against illness is often an overlooked solution to the common cold, flu strains, and bacterial infections. Our five potent ingredients are proven to keep you strong during tough times.

    What it does:

    • Increases your body’s natural defenses
    • Reduces risk of respiratory tract infections
    • Fights off infections
    • Maximizes efficiency in producing a strong immune system

      What's in the mix?

      • Vitamin D: Defense & germ protection booster
      • Vitamin  C: Immune system guardian
      • Quercetin: Antioxidant and immunity stimulator
      • Zinc: Immune system fortifier
      • Echinacea: Natural cold buster 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 43 reviews
      Kaya Nita P.
      Was Looking for this Vitamin Combo to Protect Against COVID-19!!

      So glad I found these - I was looking for this combination as the news reports that these are the vitamins to take to help protect against COVID. The bonus is they are are easy to swallow. I am sure I will continue to take them after COVID to stay healthy! I have told my family and friends about these - Highly recommend!

      Sarah Elizabeth

      I have been taking this to help prevent flu and COVID. I have not supplemented before. I have never had a season where I haven’t even had a cold. This is fantastic! Highly recommend. I would take with food as it can cause nausea on an empty stomach.

      Ken Furr
      This contains all of the items my doctor recomended.

      This product contains all of the items my doctor recomended.

      Bought it to fight COVID, found out it really boosts your immunity

      My wife and I live in NYC. With such a dense population and her taking public transit, we wanted to add some immune supplements to our vitamin regimen. With products that I ingest, I really comb through reviews to make sure they are safe. I basically narrowed it down to supplements that included the key ingredients mentioned by doctors and medical articles that help fight COVID. This brand was the winner. It had the right ingredients and great reviews. I saw some scary reviews with other brands that mentioned the supplements causing stomachaches, nausea, and headaches. HARD PASS.Shipping was quick, too. It was actually good timing. My wife and I were feeling under the weather. Lethargic, sore throat. So we both got tested for COVID. The results were negative. But we were still dealing with symptoms. I thought maybe we had the flu. We started taking these supplements and felt better pretty soon after (my wife: 1 day, I felt almost 100% by day 2 of taking these). We are still taking them. And I saw that you can save on the 3-pack, so I'll be ordering that from now on.

      Good Supplaments

      Pills are small and easy to swallow