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    A dose of recovery

    A dose of recovery

    Rosé is for your wine, not your face. We created a dose of recovery to not only cure your alcohol glow, but kick your hangover to the curb, too. For some of us, our genetics are missing the enzyme that processes alcohol properly. Our formula does the processing for you, then flushes out the toxins, which banishes your next-day-hangover, too. Our carefully crafted mixture protects your liver, and lets you take back happy hour.

    What it does:

    • Supports your liver function
    • Rids your body of toxins created by alcohol
    • Stops redness caused by alcohol in its tracks
    • Removes the harmful byproducts built in your body from drinking

      What’s in the mix?

      • L-Cysteine: Alcohol toxicity fighter
      • Quercetin: Nature's antihistamine and redness fighter
      • Dihydromyricetin: Hangover fighter and alcohol metabolizer
      • Prickly Pear: Hangover aid and liver helper
      • Milk Thistle: Liver protector

      Customer Reviews

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      Dr Gerri Ryan

      A dose of Recovery (Red Deuces)

      Kathleen Tran
      It worked for me! Give it a try!

      As someone with intense Asian glow I wanted a product that was going to work and I am happy to say this does! Give it a shot, follow the directions and try it for yourself!

      Lexi S.
      Actually works for a great price

      I get terrible Asian glow with even half a beer. I’ve tired almost every product for Asian glow with no luck. This stuff is amazing! It totally works with reducing redness and helping with the symptoms that come with it. I even feel better in the morning that I do when I’m not taking it. I highly, highly recommend this product!

      Great product

      Niceeee! One of the better hangover products I have used. Great for days when u party but have work the next day 😂

      I was skeptical at first.

      I was super skeptical when I ordered. I tried stuff before to help with hangovers, to mixed results. Nothing really worked as good as pounding a Biolyte before bed or in the morning, but sometimes its hard to force myself to drink something when I have those hangover feelings. But this stuff has been amazing. I mean I still feel the dehydration a bit, but my head is clear, I can focus, no head ache. I will probably buy this again. I'm so impressed.