About Us

dose+remedy is an all natural supplement company dedicated to bring you plant based nutraceutical combinations with science backed formulations. Founded by a pharmacist Dr. Tri Tran Pharm D, dose+remedy's main mission is to help solve health conditions people experience through all natural products, farm to pharmacy.



Our flagship product RED DEUCES is an example of that statement

RED DEUCES is specially formulated by pharmacist Dr. Tri Tran Pharm D.  who always had issues drinking alcohol.  One glass of any type of alcohol, would induce what many people suffer from a condition called asian flush.  It turns out asian flush was a result of a toxic byproduct alcohol produced called acetylaldehyde.

On a recent trip to Asia, Dr. Tran found potent cure the locals used for hangovers/flush and using his knowledge of pharmacognosy (study of herbal medicine and vitamins), he formulated RED DEUCES. Dr. Tran came up with the perfect blend of nutraceuticals to help with asian flush but found out that other side effects of drinking were remedied as well (i.e.  hangover, headaches, nausea).

Partnering with a FDA approved and fully GMP certified production facility here in the USA, RED DEUCES is formulated with only the highest quality natural herbal ingredients under the strictest standards. Each production is tested for efficacy as well as safety to ensure only the safest products are produced to our patients.